Monday 06 July 2020
Your partner in production
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« Industrial solutions, technical monitoring, Interlinge goes with the progress »

Fashion evolves, and so do we.

Because the garment industry requires a great reactivity and the provision of many services, Interlinge offers its customers an industrial care service along all stages of the production chain. Creating prototypes, cutting, sampling, adjusting, trying on, pattern-grading, a wide know-how for figure-hugging products.

FCollaboration is a master word for Interlinge who elaborates close relations with its customers’ buyers and designers ; a proximity allowing managing sustained manufacturing rhythm and adapting to diversity of collections. On the leading-edge of fashion, Interlinge assures technological monitoring and is present at all international exhibitions to anticipate new trends of fabrics and accessories.

Underwear / Corsetterie / Swimwear / Ready to wear knitted