Monday 06 July 2020
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« Irresistible weapons, allusions to women's charms, Interlinge is meant for women very very closely… »

Sporty, trendy, impulsive, seductress or motherly, Interlinge invites all women to be beautiful and manufactures for its partners fine figure-hugging products.

  • Comfort, Fantasy, Fast Fashion, Maternity, Medical or Sportive lines of small and large swimwear or bras (from 70A to 120G), behind this wide range of products, only one will: to turn all women into starlets.
  • Night or day underwear, Interlinge sews a large choice of irresistible weapons: classic bras (from 80 A to 115 C), balconnet, wire-bras, half-cup, push-up or padded but also briefs (from 36 to 46), strings, boxers, tops, shorts, bodies, short nightgowns, suspender-belts, strapless-bras, corsets and camisoles.
  • Cultivating the art of contrast, your partner works on delicate fabrics and precious detail, such as innovative fibers : lycra, microfiber, silk, lace, tulle, warp and weft, satin, mousseline, guipure, cotton, cotton veil, cotton stretch, printed fabrics or decorated with jewellery, embroideries, embroided inlays and braids.
  • Loyal to its values of refinement and excellence, Interlinge uses for its products components of European origin exclusively.

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Underwear / Corsetterie / Swimwear / Ready to wear knitted