Monday 06 July 2020
Your partner in production
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Vetwear’s dynamic for continuous improvement dedicated to its customers is part of a common approach: the Mosaic Consortium, which Vetwear is one of the founders.

Which one of the purposes is to offer a varied range of products across the different companies that constitute it :


Created in 2003, Mosaic is the first Moroccan consortium gathering together textile majors.
Based in Casablanca, Mosaic has been born from the will of joining forces in order to offer its partners proactive solutions for permanent improvement.

The Consortium’s approach is based on:

  • Experience emulation and sharing: the six companies playing a leader’s role ones for the others.
  • Synergies and economies of scale realized thanks to common actions such as searching partnerships abroad, putting purchasing and sourcing in common, strategic analysis and common staff trainings for staff members of different companies.
  • Monitoring and benchmarking at all levels: Commercial, technological, HR… Every company being responsible for a pole (“Training” pole for Interlinge).
  • A common pavilion for promotion and exportation.

Mosaic is also ethics:

  • Transparency
  • Respecting customers, providers and partners

And a shared vision of the company: Mosaic members commit themselves to have the same approach for social development through permanent training of their staff.

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