Monday 06 July 2020
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« Introducing a dimension of pleasure… Pleasure of well done work, of know how and excellence, Interlinge trains talented technical staff »

The Learning Training Center (CFA)

Interlinge is the first company in the textile industry in Morocco to have implemented a Learning Training Center with the support of the GTZ and of the Secretary of state for professional development; An ambitious and innovative approach for passionate teams and perfect products.

As a real school, the Interlinge CFA allows recruiting in two steps and assures many missions: selecting better profiles, training to all jobs, orienting according to competences and managing careers. Three years after the school has been created, 228 apprentices graduated and obtained a diploma recognized by Moroccan government and 80 are still being trained.

As a symbol of Interlinge social commitment, the training program includes language courses (French, English, Spanish) and also computer courses and labour code courses.

Versatility for all

Convinced that versatility is a guarantee for flexibility, reactivity and excellence, Interlinge has implemented a versatility chart applicable to its entire staff, including its middle management staff.

The culture of performance

Concerned by its staff motivation and satisfaction, Interlinge has implemented performance indicators and a career management plan. Its head technical managers are coached to management and team work, where as middle managers benefit from a coaching program to adopt the culture of a finished product.

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